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We recommend:

UptimeInspector - Feature rich server monitoring network. We work with UptimeInspector's team to keep our servers up. Once dowtime occurs (things happen...) we receive an instant alert and fix the probems asap.

CreateSurvey - we use to conduct customer satisfaction surveys to get feedback from our customers.

Web development company from Russia, providing java development outsourcing and j2me mobile programming - Corifey Consulting

Hot Keyboard - keyboard shortcut manager for Windows. We use this handy tool to automate the most of repetitive tasks we have while working on computers.

Private Shell SSH Client - our system administrators use this SSH client for Windows to work with remote *nix servers, they find this utility great!

UniSender - once we need to set up a mailing list, we use UniSender, advanced features and considerable pricing!

Fast and transparent backup utility - USBFlashCopy allows keeping all smartphone's SD cards backed up on the fly.

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